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The Medically Supervised, Weight Loss Program

This program started after Dr. Simeons’ death. Dr. Simeons began to use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) while studying pregnant women in India on a calorie-deficient diet (less than 500 calories); and “fat boys” with pituitary problems (Frölich’s Syndrome, -adiposogenital dystrophy); treated with low-dose HCG improved not only their condition (testicular descent) also, the body fat was modified during the treatment course.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a British endocrinologist, published an article in Lancet November 16, 1954 (“Ultra-low-calorie weight loss diet”) in relation on the use of HCG for the management of obesity. Dr. Simeons recommended low-dose daily HCG injections in combination with a customized ultra-low-calorie (500 cal/day, high protein, low carbohydrate/fat) diet loss of adipose tissue without loss of lean tissue.

Our program is based on the principles of Dr. Simeons, but there are certain changes depending of each patient, such as age, sex, history of diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic illness and weight goals.

The HCG method includes patients follow-ups (weekly visits to the doctor to be weighed and check the body composition), helping patients with a behavior modification program and controlling hunger and satiety. There are some similarities between the behavioral program for obesity treatment.

The 500 Kcal-diet as prescribed in the original treatment proved to be safe, easy tolerated, and effective. Tolerance to the treatment is excellent, and many patients willingly request a second cycle without experiencing negative side effects. “However, any positive side effects are welcome! Such as beautiful silky skin, natural glow to the face, more energy and beautiful sculpting of fat away from waistline, hips, butt, and thigh” —Dr. Paul Ling Tai).

Our weight loss program is safe and comfortable for patients, provided they meticulously follow the prescribed diet of no sugar, no oil, no fat, and no carbohydrates.

The HCG protocol is an appropriate approach to the treatment of obesity that also includes a behavior modification program as well as natural supplemental and dietetic aspects. Take out the sugars, fats and carbs in your everyday diet, and your body will have no choice but to use and burn the “bad fat” for fuel, leaving you only curves in the right places.

Dr. Simeons applied daily injections of HCG purified from pregnant women’s urine; now we are using Recombinant Human Chorionic in daily injections (are hormones synthesized by using recombinant DNA technology, known as genetic engineering).

HCG acts exclusively at a diencephalic level; daily administration do not produce any side-effects.

Duration of Treatment: Depend of the weight goal, patients who need to lose 15 pounds (7 kg.) or less require 26 days treatment with 23 daily injections, and three extra days to restore the hormone balance only with 500 calories. If the patient needs to lose more than 15 pounds (33 kg.), then 40 days is recommended; with one day off per week, but not stopping the 500-calorie limit. The reason for limiting treatment to 40 injections is because more can produce HCG immunity.

Further cycles: when patients require more cycles, we can wait three weeks and start again with injections, but six weeks is recommended.

In our program we have a SUPPORT GROUP and ONLINE SUPPORT. For more information go to: